Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Jacqueline Bell Johnson

Jacqueline Bell Johnson is an artist living and working in southern California. She holds a BFA from California College of the Arts, and a MFA from Claremont Graduate University. Exhibitions of note include Deflated/Defeated at Human Resources, Man Made at the Brand Library, and Starburst at Cerritos College.

Her work explores the intersection of organic and architectural structures, by utilizing repetition of form and craft processes, with an undercurrent of feminism and the feminine experience.

Bell Johnson currently serves as adjunct faculty at both Crafton Hills College and Norco College, and writes for the publication Art and Cake.



A large-scale sculptural work that will glow bright or dim according to the sound it “hears.” The work will be sensitive to both direction and volume of noise in proximity to the piece. This effect will be accomplished by having ten identical sculptures each with their own microphone sensors and lights wired together and placed in a line. The sculptures are stands made of black painted wood and hold a cylindrical glass sconce on top). Each glass will house a sensor, processor, and 6 LED lights. Aesthetically, the sculptures will have a slick bio mechanical feel, as the sculptures lined up together will resemble a spine. They will all be connected together, having black wiring that will swag from one piece to the next.
The work does several things: it validates the audience by reacting to their presence, and it explores how sound is perceived (due to the very specific shape of the glass, which houses the sensors).

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