Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews

Jim Andrews has been publishing vispo.com since 1996. It is the center of his work as a poet-programmer. On it, you find interactive poetry of many types: visual, sonic, wordular, and all combos thereof. His life’s work as a literary artist is this web site.

Through his work, Andrews has been taking poetry places it’s never been, and to work with it in a synthesis of arts and media via programming; to explore the poetical possibs of the web as a serious medium for textual art, visual art, sonic art, interactive art, and communications art synthesized via programming, beyond baby steps from print, deep into a new sort of literacy.

Artist Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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VBODOBV [sounding videos]

Enigma n^2022
Enigma n^2022 is a philosophical poetry and music toy for musicians, poets and philosophers from the age of 7 up. It’s voice-based interactive granular synthesis + color music + digital poetry. The audio, which is listenable for hours, is nonetheless all sampled from a 5 second recording of the word ‘meaning’ spoken backwards once, forwards twice. This is the sound of the meaning of meaning of meaning. This is the look of the parsing and making of meaning.

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Woork of Art
From my period of awakening as an artist in 1987.

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