Kio Griffith

Kio Griffith

Kio Griffith is an interdisciplinary artist working with sound and visuals, independent curator, and writer based in Los Angeles and Japan. He has exhibited in the UK, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Mexico, and the U.S. His is contributing editor at Fabrik, Artscape and Art Bridge, former art director at Angel City Jazz Festival and has designed over 300 album packaging. Griffith exhibited in the 2016 AichiTrienniale, Tokyo Arts And Space, was the 2017 Emerging Curator at LACE, and has an upcoming solo exhibition at the USS Iowa’s new space, Alpha Romeo Tango.


Coral Sea Dialogues

Coral Sea Dialogues is a sound installation spatialized throughout the tunnel passage connecting the entry way near the Angel Gate barracks to one of the emptied gun site / battery area. The audio sources are played back voice recordings reproduced in a neutral, gender and age-free tone of civilian accounts. They are non-military nor naval officers. Narratives of women, children and regular people who were affected by the warring years, Pacific War survivors’ from both sides; U.S. and Japan. The spoken passages will appear to be in dialogue with the other voices through editing to create the illusion of non-identity and blurring the categorical border of siding as friend or enemy. The acoustic experience is a combination of environmental sound, narrative imaging while walking the distance of the installation. The spoken accounts will have some degree of psychoacoustics while the spatialization of the speakers are time markers, setting a time travel segment—walking to the past towards the vacant battery site and returning to the future towards the entry and exit of the installation. There will also be a lighting component threading through the space to compliment the sensory audio experience.

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