Lorenzo Osterheim

Lorenzo Osterheim is a Los Angeles based artist-researcher, whose works are a reflection on the individual’s phenomenological relationship to digital media and technologies. In a variety of mediums Using humor and the absurd Osterheim brings forth or makes present the technological enframing of everyday activities.

Artist Location: Irwindale, CA

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On-site Event June 3rd

Interface Response Sonification 
Interface Response Sonification (IRS) is an interactive set of paintings hung ‘Salon-Style’ which can be operated via a stylus to activate tones at various points across the paintings to produce unique tones. IRS operates much like a Stylophone and is meant to be played by drawing both visual and melodic connections. The ‘player’ is invited to reflect on discordance and harmony in both the visual and auditory fields.

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Collaboration with Sam Anthem

Funeral in my Brain” is an adaptation/fragmentation of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “I Felt a Funeral in my Brain.” We use the poem as a frame to make sense of the experience of undergoing an MRI and viewing these images of one’s insides. Accordingly, we’ve mapped the poem and a real MRI image of one of the artist’s body on top of their body, and then perform the poem in harmony with electronic sounds imitating, mutating, and relating to the sounds produced by an MRI machine.

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