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Memo Akten

Memo Akten is a media artist, musician and researcher from Istanbul, Turkey, working with computation as a medium and language to investigate the collisions between nature, science, technology, ethics, ritual, tradition and religion; thinking about the intersections of science and spirituality. Working with algorithms and custom software he combines critical and conceptual approaches with investigations into form, movement and sound; designing behavioural abstractions and data dramatizations of natural and anthropogenic processes. His work spans moving images; video, sound and light installations and performances.

Artist Location: Berkeley, CA

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Virtual Breakout During the Outbreak June 6th Livestream

Virtual BreakOut During the OutBreak Videos [VBODOBV] I

Simple Harmonic Motion 5R

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Simple Harmonic Motion #5 and #5R

Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) is an ongoing series of work investigating complexity from simplicity – specifically the emergence of complex behaviour through the interaction of simple multilayered rhythms. It is an ode to chaos and order, driven by the collisions between man and machine; the harmonies, tensions and conflicts between science, technology, culture, ethics, tradition and religion. It is inspired by natural and mathematical phenomena, as well as works by the likes of Norman Mclaren, John Whitney, Steve Reich, John Cage, Gyorgi Ligeti and Edgar Varèse.

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