Michael Raco Rands

Michael Raco-Rands + audipoeta

Michael Raco-Rands: Sound Artist, Film Maker, Musician, Composer

Artist Location: Lakewood, CA

Like all collages vivants and audipoets, audipoeta is bereft of utterance. It hearkens artfully and has no say. Their listening always sounds the same.

Artist Location: Cochleapolis


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
The Fuse – Adaptable Redacted & re-Realized

One wall has a printout of the poem Adaptable with vowels blacked, or cut, out
Opposite Wall has the poem with the consonants blacked, or cut, out

The Audio speaker on the vowel side plays the poem, read by the author, with the vowels carefully edited out
The Audio speaker on the consonants side plays the poem, read by the author, with the consonants carefully edited out

Record the individual vowels and consonants (out of context) and recreate poem
Multiple voices

Introduce time variance (tracks drift off)

4 variation of the audio (each play 15 minutes)(1 hour loop)
a. consonants only
b. vowels only
c. all random
d. poem normal (still vowels one side consonants other side)

More notes:
Vocalizing the poem is art in itself
I want to be inspired by the composition
And, weekly create a soundscape based on the inspiration

Earmaginations Silent video Pray for Quiet

Man punches person in the stomach
Cut to mouth of punched person scream (slow motion)
Another person hears scream and looks up from what they are doing
Another person knocks a bell off a table
Someone picks it up and walks on ringing the bell
Next person grabs the bell and throws it
The bell flies through the air past a church steeple
Cut to the inside of the church we see a church member singing
Cut to someone praying out loud
Cut to another person shushing praying person
Praying person stands up and throws down hymnal
Runs out
Slams door of church
Runs by kids play hopscotch chanting
Cut to kid chanting
One kid looks up
We see jump rope hitting ground
Pull away to reveal kids jumping rope
Kids face chanting
Cut to man looking out door (man who punched first man) with mad face
Yells shut up
Goes in, sits in chair
On his TV is a Marching Band

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