Raze the Whitebox

Raze the Whitebox

Julia Hays is a performer and explorer of the inner and outer world. Her practice expands across all genres and styles, with an emphasis on the spiritual and ritualistic openings movement brings.

Zachary Paul (b. 1995) is a Los Angeles-based violinist and composer interested in perception in durational trance states. In live performance, he builds lush soundscapes via improvisation reflecting on his immediate experience and the space being performed in. 

Raze the Whitebox (josie j) makes research based existentially iconoclastic artwork.



The setting of the Angels Gate Cultural Center is heavy with history. This setting is home to artist, awe inspiring landscapes, global commerce, indigenous sacred land, fishing culture and military occupation. Working with such a charged landscape we feel we can not avoid these themes in the work. 

This work is geared to explore theses conflicting themes and histories of this land. 

For this four-hour piece a violinist begins with one note as quietly as possible, looping it on top of itself every two minutes to build micro-tonal resonances. Every twenty minutes, the violinist begins this process again with a new note, building up to a twelve note chordal drone by the end of the piece. This twelve note chord will be the historical ghost of this land, bodies will be shifting through these layers of land use, indigenous habitat, and military occupation. As bodies move through historical themes they will build a landscape of sound as they move through the environment using vocals and the body to resonated on the built structures and land of Angels Gate Cultural Center. 

A platform echoing oil rigs, fishing boats, military bases will be at the center of this work. Bodies will rise and fall from this structure. What will be presented is a representation of the collective memory of a space and how it reconciles with its past. Land is alive, land has history in which it struggles to understand. This will be a facilitation for the land to work through its history.

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