sARTe ( ECasuga ) is a contemporary visual artist from Southern California, who uses painting, sculpture and video as modes of expression to explore her affinity for Science and Art.
Her goal is to seduce the viewer with luminous layered works and “open-ended” visuals to create an uncanny simulacrum of microscopic “internal-scapes,” while at the same time suggests the feeling of psychological journeys into cosmological galaxies, meteorological morphologies or subatomic space.

She uses her knowledge and background in scientific lab research as a point of departure for her artistic explorations in “Scientific Abstraction.”

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Artist Statement:

The wind whispers.
Feel the sound of the warm Southern California sun
raining on undulating bright orange poppies.
Listen to the (dis)quieting squeeze of organelles
inside a semi-transparent hoverfly larvae.
Have you ever heard the bending of space-time
and gravitational lensing?

I want the visual imagery to SPEAK !

Soundless Sound is a silent SciArt video
that explores the psychology and visual perception of sounds created by life/nature;
of audible sounds elicited by the viewer/audience as they experience/react to the visuals;
and the possible responses, real or imagined, by hypnotic visual stimuli created by an unintentional meditative ASMR (Autonomic Sensory Meridian Response) due to synesthesia (tendency of the mind to work in combination with our different senses to make-whole/interpret the abstract/open-ended imagery). 

Imagery and other simulacra were shot using an iPhone. Some things are not what they seem.
As a counterpoint to life in 2019, I felt compelled to include short clips from TV and internet to give voice to the unheard (Credits at the end of the 12-minute video loop). 

In short, I want to create a visual space — a point of departure for transmigration of thought — where the viewer’s mind can wander and be transported into a mesmerizing voyage of sorts.
Hearing what is seen and seeing what is audible is open to each individual’s interpretation depending upon their own unique experience of “Soundless Sound.”

sARTe piece, TransMigration XVII will occupy three spaces using audio and video projections: Extract, Reveal, and Source.

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