Shih Lin Hung

Shih-Lin Hung

Shih-Lin Hung is a composer currently studying at National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University’s Graduate Institute of Music, majoring in new music theater (instrumental theater).
Shih-Lin Hung’s music focuses on everything in contemporary life and attempts to find connections to religious and mystical themes – for example, the potential links between COVID-19 and Eastern religions such as Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism. His music works mainly in the forms of instrumental music, multimedia, electronic music, and music theater.

Artist Location: Hsinchu City, Taiwan

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Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

“uu.u f .fo f …o. o.c e d d dd… dd d” 
The artwork was completed one night in a forest amidst strong winds.
The artwork titled “uu.u f .fo f …o. o.c e d d dd… dd d” features random repetition, disassembly, and overlapping of unfocused letters, symbolizing the sound of the artwork – layered, blurred, and unfocused.
The process of creating the sound involved:
1. Amplifying various sounds using a recording device, such as wind, rustling leaves, and branches, in large quantities and layers.
2. Using sound processing software to adjust the EQ frequency and direction of listening.
These two processes of creating the sound represent the blurred and unfocused feeling we experience when recalling memories of the past.

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Sound Poem “Dictator’s Signature” for voice solo, or other sounds. (2022)

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