Testu Collective

Testu Collective

Testu Collective is an interdisciplinary art group founded by Serena Stucke and Dan Tesene in 2017. They formed in New York City to create experimental videos, concept soundtracks and audiovisual performances. Currently, the collective consists of an evolving group of fabricators, videographers, music makers and performers. Their goal is to liberate imaginations through unique collaborations with artists in sound, movement and video.



Dreamlands was originally created for an audiovisual performance and video installation based on the concepts of expanded and synaesthetic cinema. Synaesthetic cinema is an aesthetic language guided by the senses to create non-narrative films. In Dreamlands, we have captured a macro world of metal powders morphing from sound waves, as well as waves of metal powder moved into clusters by magnetic force. This macro world let’s the viewer be guided by their imagination through physical manifestations of sound.

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