Xiouping aka (TNT) Taiwanese & Texan. An American new genres photographer, video, installation, sound and performance artist.
Traverses hybridity examining identity politics through story telling a reconstruction of her experience spanning time. Her performances investigate myth making/story telling through a queer bi-racial lense of indigenous shamanic Taiwanese, and Cherokee-European ancestry, taking her agency and narrative within identity, using the relationship between performer and audience, dismantling racism, sexism, and the human condition.

Artist Location: Venice Beach, CA

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soundpedro 2021 participation: N/A

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Riot, Resist, Rise.
In this piece we experience a woman with bullet shells and a cake pan, shaking of the bullet shells in a rhythmic pattern of repetition of slow beats to a multitude of beats; it sounds like machine guns. 

Algorithmic score using numerology 11 is the master number, which means it resonates as an extremely high vibration. It is an angel number that represents transmutation of your personal power to a higher, more spiritual level. It’s a master number associated with spiritual illumination and our inner teacher. It’s a symbol of spiritual awakening. It resonates in an extremely high vibration. 

This ephemeral sound sculpture with bulletshells, cake pan, hand made mics, petal emoting Sonic animacy, using scores I developed for this ritual. Each time I perfrom it, it is new. A repetitive rapture for a azure state of being. A conversation of sounds of a industrial tribe.

Monument installation
Steel spiritual element is fire. It is healing, protection, anti-nightmare. As a modern metal steel blocks negative vibes and energy giving you balance. Steel has a relationship to your solar plexus. Ancient massage scraping tools are made of steel. Tuning forks are also made of steel. Steel knives under bed have been known to protect you from nightmares. I am Attracted to this metal its shiny, smooth, silky object, body so hard and strong.. This sculpture is made of steel.

In this piece, we experience industrial sound repetition, steel sculpture and video of steel sculpture . We see a sculpture in a corner, rectangles metal tubes with rounded corners stacked on top of each other, with a projection of the sculpture directly on it and through it and behind it. The structure’s shadow is visible in addition to the sculpture and projection itself, adding a third dimension to the piece. Each element of this sculpture is merely a replica of the original, yet there are variations of this same concept being played out simultaneously. The viewer must decide, or experience, one perspective at a time. This places the subject in a perpetual state of infinite duality, It is a challenge to simply observe all three elements simultaneously, as the human mind does not typically work in this way. Each moment there may be another interpretation or experience of the same object, each subject may experience the same thing but this will inevitably happen at different times.

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