Yozmit The DogStar

Yozmit The DogStar

Yozmit is a Two-Spirit singer and interdisciplinary performance artist. Through her ritualistic performance art, Yozmit combines theater, dance, pop culture, fashion, gender identity, mythology, and shamanism onto a single canvas. She sees her art as a form of research that helps define the unknown mysteries of her universe. Yozmit is currently based in Los Angeles and performs regularly in NYC and London. She is currently working on an album and a solo show that intertwines world music and electronic sound with the Buddhistic approach of transcendentalism. With this approach, Yozmit uses the art she presents to a mainstream audience as a medium of healing of the human consciousness.

Artist Location: Carson, CA

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On-site Event June 3rd

WALK—a silent, durational, meditative walk in monochromatic and sculptural costumes. It is inspired by the medicine walks of Indigenous/Native American shamanistic tradition. It incorporates a butoh-paced walk, sculptural wearable art, and recordings of my own songs supplying the sound elements.
To walk slowly is to slow down time, to go completely internal, especially in a world where people move and think too fast. I wear monochromatic costumes to reflect how society is a parallel monochrome; everyone doing and following similar interests in a superficial world. Through masking the physical appearance of self and visage, I become a totem for myself and the people around me to awaken the spirit of the space for that moment. Doing this I become part of the void, transcending myself, and become the audience to the performance of life around me. 

Post WALK sound presentation/concert 
When my first silent meditative walk finishes I will reach the final destination and get revealed and I will share some of my songs in the form of intimate sound healing.

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