Earmaginations 2021

Earmaginations videos are visualizations, with no soundtrack, that respond to ideas and experiences surrounding auralities and deafnesses, as well as ways of hearing and listening.

Themes or actions may include: acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio technologies, spatialization, timbralization, environmental sound, hearing anatomies, synaesthetic responses to sound, imagined aural response, connection of sound and hearing to sight and seeing, autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), relationship between sound and music.

Mascot of Ceremonies: wabi’sloppy
EARMAN Costume: Terry Braunstein

Intro (time 00:00)
Flocking Patterns – Eric Lennartson (00:10)
Your Song – Frederico Pessoa (04:10)
2 Nickels and Blue Sky – C. Matthew Luther (07:00)
[SOUNDSCAPTION_SelfQuarantine] – Jay Afrisando (08:50)
The Scientist – Heather Williamson (12:14)
The Holly Tesbih – Ahmet Arslan (13:25)
6 Feet – C. Matthew Luther (15:36)
The Lessons I Carry With Me – Andrew Mandinach (17:16)
Lightbox (Center Channel) – Reuben Merringer (21:19)
Sprites Snipe Flotsam on a Blinkboat to Valhalla – Reuben Merringer (24:38)
Ending (26:09)