On-site 2022

Saturday, June 4, 2022, 7-10PM

FREE, On-site at Angels Gate Cultural Center

soundpedro2022 continues to explore sound as we shift from the idea of “ear orientation” towards that of “sound intake.” In other words, broadening the auditory perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon towards the physical reception of sound as experiential. Presentations explore or incorporate acoustics, psychoacoustics, electronics, audio technologies, listening actions, performance actions, spatialization, conceptualization, timbralization, hearing anatomies, found sound, environmental sound, AI, etc.

The one night On-site event includes: sculptures, environments, installations, timed and ongoing performances, interactions, and presentations are placed throughout the Angels Gate Cultural Center site (AGCC has 7 acres of outdoor space).

Note: Outdoors, masks will be optional. However, inside buildings and the tunnel, masks will be required.
Be prepared for rough terrain, sun and wind exposure, and temperature changes (e.g. jackets, umbrellas, blankets, practical footwear, etc.)

Gallery exhibitions:
Last day to see Blues-Birds by Steven Speciale and his Loyola High School Students,
and the final presentation of Betsy Lohrer Hall’s Here Hear project.

Performances and installations by:
AbacusAkari KomuraAlex HawthornAmabelle AguiluzAnnette HeullyAshton PhillipsBrandon BollingerChris Brian TaylorClowns and FetusesConchi SanfordDillon Bastan and Alina KanoDylan Ricardseast village caravanseraiHenry DelargyJeremy J. QuinnJeremy RosenstockKarena Massengill and Peter WellsKarolina LavergneKatya UrbanKensaku Shinohara with Amy Chao, Ben Rodgers, Brin Gordon, C. Bain, Caitlin Javech, Christine Gaffney, Dylan Marx, Maria Abrahamian, Paul Carter, Zaq Kenefick, Zekarias ThompsonLos Angeles Electroacoustic Ensemble (LAEE)M A HarmsMaría Alejandra BullaMartin EspinoMathilda LaZelleMichael A. MersereauMichael RippensMiserPablo Perez and Mike Dobler, Phoebe Barnum and Lowell Nickel, Roxanne VarziSaxVonixSound ScientistssoundShoppeSteve Ellison, Richard Bugg, and Eric DahlmanSynthLab: Cameron Johnston & Clint Koehler, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Jesse Nason, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, Skyler King, Tobias Banks and José Solares, univacTaylor GriffithTerry BraunsteinTim FeeneyTim MaxeinerVav VavrekVavNetwikiGong.com,  Wabi’SloppyZaq Kenefick and more…

Soundscapes  (On-site and online at 7:00 PM) by:
Akari KomuraAndre PerimC. Matthew LutherDani LunnEthan MarksFrederico PessoaGordon FungGregory KramerJack HerscowitzJulius BucsisMartha Riva Palacio Obónpnl(a)Projector PartyRicardo TomaszSteve Ashby

Soundscapes  (On-site only) by:
Alexandros HadjitimotheouChristina IenniDon’t TouchSusan Rawcliffe & Corrado GongVedran Mehinovic

Earmaginations [silent videos] (On-site and online at 8:30 PM) by:
Akari KomuraC. Matthew LutherFrederico PessoaGordon FungKat Cayton GKate GormanMichael MersereauPeter ChristensonRicardo Tomasz


On-site Timed Events
Please allow 5 minute leeway for listed times.

7:00 PM Akari Komura
7:04 PM Andre Perim
7:07 PM C. Matthew Luther
7:09 PM Dani Lunn
7:11 PM Ethan Marks
7:20 PM Frederico Pessoa
7:26 PM Gordon Fung
7:31 PM Gregory Kramer
7:35 PM Jack Herscowitz
7:38 PM Julius Bucsis
7:44 PM Martha Riva Palacio Obón
7:50 PM pnl(a)
7:52 PM Projector Party
7:56 PM Ricardo Tomasz
8:02 PM Steve Ashby
8:08 PM End
Program repeats at 8:10 PM and 9:20 PM

Soundscapes  will also premiere online at 7:00 PM
HERE: https://soundpedro.art/soundscapes-earmaginations-2022

Tunnel Soundscapes
7:00 PM Alexandros Hadjitimotheou
7:20 PM Christina Ienni
8:21 PM Don’t Touch
8:24 PM Susan Rawcliffe & Corrado Gong
8:42 PM Vedran Mehinovic
9:53 PM End

Live Performance Schedule:
7:00 PM Tobias Banks and José Solares
7:20 PM Skyler King
7:45 PM Rychard Cooper
8:10 PM Jesse Nason
8:30 PM Qrux
9:00 PM Putney Swope
9:20 PM Cameron Johnston & Clint Koehler
9:40 PM Cannibalistic Caterpillar
Visuals by univac

Kensaku Shinohara “noise jam”
Live Performance Schedule:
7:00 PM Zaq Kenefick, Maria Abrahamian, Caitlin Javech, Amy Chao, Paul Carter, Christine Gaffney
7:30 PM Dylan Marx, Kensaku Shinohara, C. Bain, Brin Gordon, Zekarias Thompson, Ben Rodgers
8:15 PM Everyone

Starts at 8:30 PM

Earmaginations [silent videos]
8:30 PM Akari Komura
8:31 PM C. Matthew Luther
8:34 PM Frederico Pessoa
8:37 PM Gordon Fung
8:44 PM Kat Cayton G
8:46 PM Kate Gorman
8:48 PM Michael Mersereau
8:52 PM Peter Christenson
8:53 PM Ricardo Tomasz
8:57 PM End
Program repeats at 9:00 PM and 9:30 PM

Earmaginations [silent videos] will also premiere online at 8:30 PM
HERE: https://soundpedro.art/soundscapes-earmaginations-2022