sonclusion 2021

In late October, a private site-activation at Angels Gate Cultural Center served as a sonic wish bridge verbing towards an anticipated public 2022 soundpedro. Resilience Ensemble and soundShoppe spontanated. Accidental passersby witnessed, and a couple of studio artists delivered an impromptu activation.

Participants in order of appearance:

Terry Braunstein & EARMAN

Phoebe Barnum

Joelle Estelle Mendoza & Resilience Ensemble

Ceramic Instruments:

Adriana Baltazar
Elle Barnes
Damon Cagnolatti
Ollin Gomez Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez
M.A. Guevara
Alex E. Kawano
Pablo Luna
Maria Maea
NÄ«a Macknight
Gerardo Monterrubio
Lace Rico
Prisk Rios
Vickie Vertiz 

Special Thank You:
Tom Lynch
Frank Rodriguez

Leah Shane Dixon

Jorge Martin & soundShoppe

Andy Sykora – voice, processor pedals, spirit guide
Jay Howard – acoustic experiments
Janet Housden – guitar, radness
Joe Potts – layered collages
John Lewis – soundwave generator
Mike Ruiz – 4th dimensional air displacements
Don Lewis – guitar guru
Jorge Martin – dysfunctional modular catatonics

Projected Images by: Joe Potts, Don Lewis, Jorge Martin

THANK YOU to all the soundpedro2021 Artists, our supporters and listening public!

Until the next!

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