VBODOBV [sounding videos]

Videos express sound experience (e.g. sound-intake, ear orientation, auralities, deafnesses, degrees of hearing and listening, acoustics, psychoacoustics, audio technologies, spatialization, timbralization, environmental sound, hearing anatomies, synaesthetic responses to sound, imagined aural response, connection of sound and hearing to other senses, autonomous sensory meridian response [ASMR], etc.)

Intro (00:00)
RUST IN PEACE – Andre Perim (00:12)
Alviso Wind Harp Test (V6) – D A Ayer (07:27)
Breath of Heaven – D A Ayer (10:00)
Generative Miniature I – Fer Feria (13:03)
Untitled II – shapes and sounds (abridged) – Fer Feria (14:03)
About Enigma n^2022 – Jim Andrews (17:08)
Rehearsal – Mariah Anne Johnson (21:45)
America-Paranoia – Michael Mersereau (24:29)
Interspecies Communication ’65 – Phog Masheeen, Almas Art Video (26:49)
Dear Los Angeles… January – Ricardo Tomasz (29:48)
Dear Los Angeles… October – Ricardo Tomasz (33:10)
Ending (35:10)