Aught Collective Hot Tomorrows

Aught Collective / Hot Tomorrows


Charlize Theremin (Gathering At The Ghost Whole)
is an interactive audio environment – an overgrown garden of discarded and found audio & objects, etching out a landscape of ambient noises and personal relics – urban, (a)tonal, distorted by time, and mashed together like a memory. We welcome you, as ethereal archaeologists of indeterminate origin, to visit the hidden mysteries that dwell within. When taken as a whole – with inquisitive bodies and a search for Seven Keys – the achingly sacred, displayed in a heap alongside the forgotten and profaned, will ring out in secret harmony.

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Aught Collective/Hot Tomorrows are a family of disparate South Bay artists including composer/theatre artist Ellen Warkentine, scenic/installation artist Danielle Kaufman, designer/storyteller Robert Edward, and writer/cultural cosmonaut Chris Arnold. Collectively and individually, we are committed to excavating and contrasting the puzzle pieces of mortal garbage, which reveal hidden and forbidden aspects of ourselves and our trajectories in the world to come. Combining skills & techniques from interactive theatre, music & performance art, and strategically deployed technological immersion, AC/HT seek to unite perspectives with humanizing looks at outre iconography and everyday miracles – together as one, united in love and hope.

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