Thomas Zear

Thomas Zear


Zear presents two pieces at soundpedro.

instasoundgram2017 is a Interactive, self-sustaining soundart piece. Every SoundPedro visitor has the control to this sound piece. Via Instagram, there are a collection of posts (soundvideos) to view and listen to at your convenience as you travel the event. Imagine the broad scape of this idea being executed during an event like this!

In CMC City Meets Country he, along with Wolf Gowin will be applying digital and analog sounds, as well as live sound to describe the difference and similarities between urban and rural settings. As the sounds clash and collide with each other, we hope to achieve a sense of oneness. City and country are increasingly different from each other, not only political, as we can experience today; but the soundscape seems to increase in the cities whereas the country demonstrates a decreasing noise level. In the tradition of David Tudor and John Cage, we are playing both soundscapes at the same time, looking for the silence to come.

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Thomas Zear Beyrooty has been a creative person throughout his life. Expressing art thru many various mediums. Sound is a large portion of existence for him. He has participated in at least 4 SoundWalk events.

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