Martin Espino

Martin Espino


Last year at SOUNDPEDRO, Martin Espino presented FUEGO, a work about the element of fire and the relationship to fire that humanity has had with it for millenia! This year, with the new work AGUA, the element and concept of “Water” will be explored sonically, visually. kinetically and nueralogically. This is a continuance of his musical statements of human unity. We are all made of water, water covers most of the world and no matter what race you are or what you believe, we need water to stay alive! This work pays homage to all forms of water!

To create the work and it’s mood, Espino will perform “live” on two things: acoustic and electronic instruments/software. He will perform on certain natural instruments of Ancient Mexico, like the Water Whistles, Rainsticks Sounds and Water Drums, he will play them in their natural state and through the processor. Espino will also be utilizing sounds of water, in their natural and processed states.

This year with AGUA, the same ensemble of artists will contribute to the sound work. Brazilian cinematographer, Ivan Cordeiro, filmed many videos of water. These videos will be mixed and manipulated “live” by Long Beach visionary, Bill Almas

The audience will take part by adding the one of sounds water makes, “white noise” using multitudes of Rainstick instruments. The public will interact with the music and thus become part of it. White noise, nuerologically, causes the brain to relax and basically go into an involuntary state of relaxation, so it will be a nice effect on the listener.

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Martin Espino is a performing musician, cultural educator and scholar of the ancient instruments of Mexico. By being part of the Aztec dance community and researching traditional food Espino lives “indigenously”, yet he also creates new works of music, not only preserving his ancestral sounds but ensuring their longevity and a place in the future. Espino integrates neuroscience research into his pieces, creating works of intention.

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