Martin Espino

Martin Espino


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Vibration Experience

“Vibration Experience”, is a composition of 20 minutes approx., repeating that evening, is based on Martin’s work on how deaf and hard of hearing people, and the hearing community as well, “experience“ sound or rather vibration.

The piece will utilize repeating and resonating pad of low tones more on the spectrum of vibrations that can be felt. This piece is “interactive” in that the public will be play instruments, that Espino made.

Audience plays 3 large Tarahumara frame drums, suspended & amplified. 5 Thunder Gourds.
Espino performs on Conch Shell Trumpets the soundwaves can be felt.

The Instruments arranged so audience steps into performance area, where Espino will discuss how to perform the work and how to respect the Instruments.
Experiencing vibration is part of hearing and touch, as the sound waves will be felt. Espino will utilize harmonious tones that will be give an enjoyable, relaxing, stress relieving experience!

Many in the audience will experience the work as being what could be called proactive as well as healing. 

Contacts from the deaf and hard of hearing community will be invited.

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Martin Espino – performing musician, cultural educator, scholar of the ancient instruments of Mexico and composer. Being part of the Aztec dance community and researching traditional ways and foods, Espino lives “indigenously”! In his work as a Composer/Musician, he also reflects his life and ancestral knowledge by creating new works of music, not only preserving his ancestral sounds but ensuring their longevity and a place in the future. He also writes for other instruments and in other styles. Espino integrates neuroscience research into his pieces, creating works of intention to better the human experience.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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