Heather Williamson

Heather Williamson


“Untitled” Selected Works 2015-2019

A statement from the Artist:
“It’s not easy to open myself up and be vulnerable but it’s harder not to
Sometimes I feel everything I live with is a curse but in these moments where
I am no longer… I feel right I feel sure I feel confident… I feel I feel” 

Heather resides in the High Desert

Hello, my name is Heather It’s been some years to say my name and feel good about it Many lives I’ve lived and had to rid (in just this lifetime) and I’ve realized My name is most important… It can be the name associated with the ones who are forgotten And it can be the name I go to when I have forgotten about myself 

My work allows me to feel something other than me But also allows me to see something that is Me in everything When I feel uncomfortable Don’t want to feel a certain way Or if I’m not feeling at all The subject(s) of my work offer me courage strength empathy humility and freedom Assuring me…
“Heather, continue” 

When I’m behind my work No one is aware of the pain in my mind and if anything… The pain gives way to understanding
For that amount of time I feel certain. xx-h->

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Heather Williamson is a multifaceted Artist based in the CA desert whose creative practice includes filmmaking, photography, writing, installation, sound, and her music project, Negro Cat. Heather expresses reality totality. She is known for provoking thought, and feeling. Invoking harmony.

Artist Location: Yucca Valley, CA

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