Karena Massengill

Karena Massengill


Nothing to Sea Hear!
Rotations of the earth, around the sun, DNA, evolution, polar vortex and climate change.
Nothing to sea hear.

Three steel linear works rotating as if coming out of a floating ice island, as the projections relate to and are reflected through the electronic sounds. 

It is Karena’s desire to symbolically reference climate change through the combination of abstract sounds and visuals while becoming a metaphor for nature versus mankind and technology.

Video and sound collaboration with her nephew Peter Wells, a graduate of Seattle Art Institute.

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Karena Massengill has a Bachelor of Fine Art from Philadelphia’s Temple University, Tyler School of Art, a Bachelor of Art Education and Industrial Technology from the University of Toronto in Canada, and a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from California State University at Fullerton.

A practicing artist and retired art educator, she is delving into new realms for her creative expression.

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