Karena Massengill

Karena Massengill was born and raised in Ukiah, CA. She has travelled around the world and lived in Canada for 11 years before moving to S. CA. 

She has a fulltime art practice in San Pedro with a 2500 sq foot studio and art gallery display area. Her education includes an MFA and BFA in sculpture, and a BEd. In Visual and Technology Arts. She has exhibited her artwork in the US, Canada, Russia, and S. America.

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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(collaborator in 2023)
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Peter Wells
(collaborator in 2019, 2020, 2022)
has been making sound and music for various applications since 2005. After becoming enthralled with audio he/him has been continuing to create music ranging from EDM to soundscapes and classical pieces. Along with uploading music to the internet, he also streams live production online through Twitch.tv.

Artist Location: Washington State


On-site Event June 3rd


I have always been fascinated by relationships between people and their animals! There is something intrinsically magical about our communicating with creatures that do not speak our language, nor do we speak theirs. Yet over the millennium, between human beings and their two and four-legged creature friends there have been precious relationships established, at times closer than within many families. 

This installation “Animingles” is meant to celebrate the abstractness and unique qualities that all of these relationships embody. I hope it gives a chuckle and some pleasure to those who walk by experiencing it, as they interpret it in their own private ways.

On-site Event June 4th

Cacophony Sublime
Using a vibrating/bouncing platform I want to have 3-5 linear steel sculptures bouncing and bumping against each other creating their own chance sounds while serenaded with an electronic looped sound track. They will be brightly projected upon with an LCD projector to create dancing shadows. Sounds will accentuate the visual conversation. I again work with my nephew, (a sound editor/manufacturer) on an electronic, crazy track to accompany the visuals.

The installation uses a building wall upon which to project shadows from the dancing/fighting/conversing metal sculptures. The random additional images created by the outside texture of the wall will only enhance this serendipitous artwork.

My inspiration comes from the work of Marcel Duchamp and John Cage. When I was in under graduate art school in Philadelphia at Tyler School of Art (Temple University), I had the honor of hearing John Cage speak about his life and art and I was profoundly inspired. Even then I knew what an incredible honor it was to be in that audience.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
Spoken Ice
Spoken Ice is an installation using steel turning lines that have hanging small pieces of glass, different colors, and abstractly referencing leaves on a tree dangling at different heights and levels, that will emit tiny tinkling sounds as in the winter when there is an ice storm and afterwards you can hear the sounds in the trees. This will also reflect winter and climate change. A microphone will amplify the sounds and lighting and create silhouettes.

It will work best visually if it is nearer one of the buildings, or within the gallery near a white wall, as the lines will get lost visually out in the open. The motion of the glass pieces will be created by the wind outside or a fan inside.

My passion about climate change is the footnote for this project. The dichotomy of the interchangeability of the seasons as we are living with them in real time, is another interpretation. 

I hope to inspire some of the observers to become more attuned and sensitive to these unfortunate happenings and possibly aspire to do their own small part in helping to alleviate our progression toward the destruction of our earth as we know it.

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Drip.. Drip… Drip….

My work incorporates the sounds of glacial melting, calving, and climate change, creating visual sounds within a sculpture. There will be surround sound for the viewer to hear this interpretation while looking at the spotlit wall sculpture. The sounds are excerpts from the “Nothing to Sea Hear” my project from last year’s soundpedro to express visual sounds, to be heard with the eyes of the viewer!

With the assistance of Peter Wells (author of the original sound track from “Nothing to Sea Hear”) and Sheri Ki Sun Burnham (sound/video editor for this year’s project “ Drip.. Drip… Drip….”) I have created a multi-sensory experience again abstractly illustrating climate change.

Nothing to Sea Hear!
Rotations of the earth, around the sun, DNA, evolution, polar vortex and climate change.
Nothing to sea hear.

Three steel linear works rotating as if coming out of a floating ice island, as the projections relate to and are reflected through the electronic sounds. 

It is Karena’s desire to symbolically reference climate change through the combination of abstract sounds and visuals while becoming a metaphor for nature versus mankind and technology.

Video and sound collaboration with her nephew Peter Wells, a graduate of Seattle Art Institute.

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