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soundpedro 2020 participation: N/A

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Five for Forty is a spatialized sound performance featuring five musicians playing forty disembodied organ pipes that were rescued from an inoperable church organ. The music is sparse enough to serve as a frame for what incidental or environmental sounds are occurring simultaneously, though the music occasionally interlocks to create familiar consonances and dissonances. The performers are spread out in a circle around a room or outdoor space, and each has eight organ pipes pipes, which they will blow into like giant pan flutes. Each player has a graphic score that instructs them when to play which of their eight pipes, over the course of an hour (or other predetermined length of time). The music is based on stopwatch timings, so there is no need for a conductor or other forms of coordination. The goal of the piece is to activate a state of active listening in an otherwise sonically uninvestigated space. This would be the premiere of Five for Forty, which gives a great excuse to finish the piece. I hope for the duration to be about 60 minutes, though that is flexible and not yet set in stone.

Trossingen Snorkel
Trossingen Snorkel (TS) is a piece for twelve harmonicas, performed by people with little-to-no experience playing harmonica. I have twelve identical C harmonicas for the performers to play, and TS asks them to simply breathe through a harmonica for the full duration of the piece. It requires zero experience playing harmonica, and creates a really great. I’d love to do a version that is between 30-60 min, but am totally flexible about duration. TS was commissioned by Newtown Arts in 2017 as a site-specific work for the Del Mar Metro Gold Line station in Pasadena. The twelve musicians were spread out in the Metro Station’s reverberant stairwell, immersing passers by in a gently rippling polychord wash, like ocean waves rolling on a beach. TS has since been performed by Dog Star Orchestra in Los Angeles and at the VU Symposium in Park City Utah.

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Daniel Corral is a composer/performer from Eagle River, Alaska. Now in LA, he creates accordion orchestras, puppet operas, handmade music boxes, microtonal electronics, sound installations, chamber music, and multimedia collaborations. Corral’s work has been commissioned and presented around the world, and his music has been released by Populist Records, Orenda Records, Innova Recordings, the wulf. records, and independently, with a forthcoming album on MicroFest Records. Corral is designated by the LA DCA as a 2019–2020 Cultural Trailblazer, and he is on the composition faculty at CalArts. Teachers include James Tenney and Anne LeBaron.

Artist Location: S Pasadena, CA

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