Daniel Corral


June 5th Audioscapes

Snorkel Boxes

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
96 Trossingen Snorkels is a sound installation consisting of 8 cigar boxes with speakers, spread out on the perimeter of a space (indoor or outdoor), with the speakers pointing inward. Each cigar box has a Raspberry Pi within it, which algorithmically emulates the equivalent of 12 people breathing through harmonicas at independent speeds (totally 96 faux harmonicas).

In 2017, I created a work titled “Trossingen Snorkel” for 12 amateur harmonica players simply breathing at their own pace through their harmonicas in an outdoor space. “96 Trossingen Snorkels” emulates this piece as a sound installation, with the 8 cigar boxes taking the place of the 12 live performers.

Simultaneously, I can set up a web server to run the equivalent of one of the cigar boxes from users’ computers, phones, or other devices. This makes it somewhat interactive, and also translates well to a virtual presentation that people can set up in their own living room.

If the event does happen live and pandemic conditions make this seem reasonable, I would love to organize a live performance of the original Trossingen Snorkel in the same space as “96 Trossingen Snorkels.” This performance would involve 8-12 performers breathing slowly and deeply through harmonicas at the site, creating an ocean-like continuum of harmonies that blends with the fake harmonica sounds coming from the cigar boxes.

LA Canon
10 percussionists play swells on suspended cymbals at varying speeds, spread out in a large space.

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Daniel Corral is a composer/performer born and raised in Eagle River, Alaska. In Los Angeles since 2005, his work has been commissioned and presented by venues around the world, and he has collaborated with numerous fantastic artists. Corral taught at CalArts 2016-2020 and the LA DCA declared him a 2019–2020 Cultural Trailblazer. Past residencies include APPEX, Marin Headlands, I-Park, Banff Centre, and Djerassi. His music has been released by Populist Records, Orenda Records, Innova Recordings, the wulf. records, and independently, with a forthcoming album on MicroFest Records. His teachers include James Tenney and Anne LeBaron.

Artist Location: South Pasadena, CA

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