Leather Circuit

Leather Circuit


soundpedro 2020 participation: N/A

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Whipping Willow

This display is composed of a large number of near-vertical fiberglass thin rods, spread similar in formation to a Fountain Grass plant. On the end of each rod is a whistle of various tunings. The group of rods are spun as a whole via a quiet motor, with just enough speed to produce sound. I have a basic rod prototype with a simple carbon-fiber tube on the end (see picture). I’m experimenting with increasing the volume to levels effectively above ambient noise/wind, without having to have large rotational speeds. This is being done by adding airfoils to the ends of the pipes to increase air-pressure. The basic spin platform is shown in the attached. It could be just a pottery wheel or recycled clothes washer with two wood plates to hold the rods vertically, but I plan to have something cleaner and more presentable by the time of the event. Also under consideration is a two-axis push/pull mechanism which could permit more random-like natural motion. Implementation is within my knowledge given my hobby/engineering background. This will be investigated after the basic rotating version is complete. Also considered is the use of untuned pipes, tuned chromatic, chorded, or a specific musical or unusual scale, as well as illumination/glow effects. A simple fence would be placed around the display to keep people out of the way. The display will be anchored down to support its dynamics and potential for wind. Wind itself will make the display more dynamic as well.

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Leather Circuit strives to form unusual sensory experiences to impart wonder in the world and demonstrate the unique creative capabilities of the human mind

Artist Location: Mission Viejo, CA

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