Leather Circuit

Leather Circuit


On-site Event June 3rd

Wailing Willow 
This display is composed of a large number of near-vertical fiberglass thin rods, spread similar in formation to a Fountain Grass plant. On the end of each rod is a whistle of various tunings. The group of rods are spun as a whole via a quiet motor, with just enough speed to produce sound. The basic version is complete, video demonstration provided in online link below. Also considered is the use of untuned pipes, tuned chromatic, chorded, or a specific musical or unusual scale, as well as illumination/glow effects. A simple stake in dirt keep out with reflective tape will be placed around the display to keep people out of the way, requiring a 10′ radius clearance around the display. The display will be anchored down as required to support its dynamics and potential for wind. Wind itself does make the display more dynamic as well. It is a fairly quiet display at times so is best placed away from loud installations.

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Video presentation Online October 28

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Leather Circuit strives to form unusual sensory experiences to impart wonder in the world and demonstrate the unique creative capabilities of the human mind

Artist Location: Mission Viejo, CA

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