Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2020:
Espèces Perdues

Background: Espèces Perdues, Lost Species, was the term coined by zoologist James Cuvier in 1813 to describe the concept of past species that have gone missing; going against the held belief that life had been uninterrupted since its creation for Man at the beginning of time. Using field recordings from renown audio-ecologists with original manipulations, compositions, and recordings, Espèces Perdues sets to showcase biophonic structures that life on Earth has evolved over hundreds of millions of years. And to accentuate the ongoing, rapid collapse of these soundscapes as we continue into the coming transhumanist generations. The anthropocene is upon us and the world is in its final stages of transition from a world in which Human animals are contained within a natural inhabitance to a planet that is designed by hominids and created for hominids. The only non-human animals that will be allowed to continue to inhabit our once shared spaces will be the ones that we deem as useful to our own existence.

Method: The piece will consist of an indoor or outdoor installation approximately the size of a small closet or a small tent. The music would be played at an appropriate volume to adequately fill the space. If placed indoors, the sound system would be in wide stereo format. The installation will comprise of a collection of several small miniature biodomes constructed from various aquarium equipment and landscaping supplies, allowing a spacefor reflection on a provided program.

Shuttle Audioscape Espèces Perdues

This would consist of the same music that has been written for the first piece, but I will cut the file into separate 5 minute segments that could be played on the parking shuttle.

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WTCHCVLT is a research-based avant-garde collective with rotating musicians and interdisciplinary artists; exploring consciousness as a prevailing force throughout nature and aiming to dispel anthropocentric belief systems. As well as find connections between our shared, biological, animalistic past within nature and our self-exiling from that history through technology and self determined evolution. WTCHCVLT communicates their transhumanist viewpoints to current socio-environmental conditions and an alternate solution for humankind at a visceral level.

Artist Location: San Diego, CA

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