Brandon Bollinger


June 5th Audioscapes

VBODOBV | dEvolution: Tech-knell


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
This work is a kinetic sculpture made out of discarded bicycle parts. it is designed to be interactive and have the central pedal cranked by hand to activate all the wheels in unison. The auditory component of this work comes from the mechanical sounds for the gears and chains interacting with each other as well as the sound of the plastic beads on the wheel spokes sliding producing a rain stick like noise.

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Brandon Bollinger or “Bo Bollinger” is an Orange County based artist. He has experience in sculpture, graphic design, photography, video, and painting. Found sculpture is his preferred media, recycling materials as well as ideas motivate much of his work. The limitations of the materials inspire creative solutions and ideas. He often revisits the same idea in a variety of media by photographing or painting the sculptures He’s made in different ways.

Artist Location: Yorba Linda, CA

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