Brandon Bollinger

Brandon Bollinger or “Bo Bollinger” is a Los Angeles based artist. He has experience in sculpture, ceramics, photography, video, and painting. Recycled materials and everyday objects inspire much of his work. Bollinger pushes the limitations of his subject by using exaggeration and repetition.

Artist Location: Yorba Linda, CA

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On-site event June 1st

As Seen On TV is an interactive installation using old TV’s, camcorders, CCTV cameras, and VHS footage captured at previous onsite soundpedro events. The audio will be captured live from audience interaction through microphones, contact microphones, looping and reverb pedals.

On-site Event June 3rd

Doppelgangers will be an installation piece using old TV boxes and camcorders to play a live feed of the viewer on the screens. The monitors will be placed at head height with the cameras positioned to get the viewers face centered on the screen the TVs will also have microphones on them connected to a karaoke machine playing back the viewers voice with reverb and other voice modulating effects. The Doppelgangers provide a digital reflection of the viewer and look at the audience as they are being looked at.

On-site Event June 4th

Framing Frequency
Framing Frequency is a series of 3 clock radios that have been deconstructed and recontextualized in boxes constructed out of decorative frames. Each radio is tuned to a different talk radio station in different languages so that the result is a uncomprehend able conversation that may include advertisements, music, stories, debates, news, etc.

June 5th Audioscapes

VBODOBV | dEvolution: Tech-knell


Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
This work is a kinetic sculpture made out of discarded bicycle parts. it is designed to be interactive and have the central pedal cranked by hand to activate all the wheels in unison. The auditory component of this work comes from the mechanical sounds for the gears and chains interacting with each other as well as the sound of the plastic beads on the wheel spokes sliding producing a rain stick like noise.

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