Julius Bucsis

Julius Bucsis


VBODOBV | dEvolution: Tech-knell

The Anticipation

Proposed work as accepted for soundpedro 2021:
The Anticipation
The Anticipation is inspired by the process of emergence as embodied in the cycle of life. The piece corresponds to cultural representations of the spring season as a time of birth and renewal. It was composed in 2020.

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Julius Bucsis is an award winning composer, electric guitarist, and visual artist. His compositions span a range of genres and include works for acoustic and electric instruments as well as computer generated audio and video. Since 2011 his works have been presented at over 160 events across the world. His compositions have been included on CDs released by Ablaze, PARMA, RMN Classical, and Soundiff. He is currently pursuing a doctor of arts in music degree at Ball State University.

Artist Location: Muncie, IN

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