Katya Urban

Katya Urban


On-site Event June 4th

Conversation w/ a Phone is a sound performance piece meant to be an exploration of the relationships we have with our electronic devices, which we usually do not question too deeply. The piece uses an electric guitar and an amp as a means of transmitting signals from a variety of devices and objects to the audience. The objects used will include, but are not limited to, a handheld digital camera, a kindle, a toy car, and my phone. When using the amp to communicate these sounds, they often sound alien or distorted, varying between the objects. This piece will allow for the performer and the audience to perceive these signals as they will and perhaps make us look at our relationship, and often codependence on our devices, a bit more deeply.

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Katya Urban is a multimedia artist, originally from New York City and now residing in Los Angeles. She makes music, video and performance pieces and hopes to share a bit of her internal world to relate to and help her surrounding communities.

Artist Location: Los Angeles and New York City

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