On-site Event June 4th

The Place (where all things begin and all things meet their end)
Recently our interest has been focused on the meditative potential of the embodied experience of sound. For this project we would like the experience of the sounds we produce to be felt with the listener’s whole body, not just their ears. If we can allow our perception of sound to include an awareness of our physical body as a series of vibrations engaged in a continuous relationship with the vibrations around us we can settle into a meditative state where the sounds become anchors that keep us consciously connected to each present moment as they unfold. We will be using both analog and digital devices to create a sonic environment of tones, drones, samples, and loops for the listener to dwell in an extended moment of embodied awareness.

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Abacus is the sound making duo of Brian Randolph and Brian Ramisch. The Brians have been collaborating for over 10 years, exploring a wide range of sonic terrain and all manner of instrumentation. From experiments in pure sound to acoustic psych-folk to loose punk/noise rock to dense fields of layered textures, their approach is always improvised, ever changing, and transcends the boundaries between what might be called art, music, or noise.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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