Annette Heully


On-site Event June 4th

The installation will be composed of dyed strips of nylon material sewn together to create a large gill like structure fluttering in the wind. Long strips of fabric will have pockets of beads sewn into the bottoms, so as the wind blows the piece will activate, sounding similar to maracas. The movement of the material in the wind will also sound similar to the rustling of Tibetan Prayer Flags. Depending on the elements the volume of the piece will fluctuate. The piece will be suspended about 6′ high so the viewer can walk underneath the piece, getting the full effect of the sound.

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Annette Heully, an internationally exhibited artist, earned her MFA from California State University at Long Beach with an emphasis in Fiber. She received her BA from San Francisco State University with an emphasis in Textiles. She was the Artist in Residence at the Llewellyn Gallery in New York, and a recipient of the Marilyn Werby Scholarship. She was the School of Art nominee for the Bergeron Award for Distinction in the arts. She has over 20 years weaving experience, which not only include her artistic career but production weaving for fashion and interior designers. She currently lives and works in her hometown Ojai, California.

Artist Location: Ojai, CA

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