Fer Feria

Fer Feria


Generative Miniature I

Made in TouchDesigner (TD).
Audiovisual miniature which explores the sensation of a self-organizing system; the continuous development of visual compositions linked to sound.

This miniature is made through a network of noise and sine oscillators triggered by another set of noise pulses which are mapped to the sizes, colors, and positions of the visuals.

Filtered noise equates to meaning. The freedom of development of indeterminate events can build up to solid structures if seen through the right lens. “Generative Miniature” is a fragment of a situation that could be continuously generated indefinitely.

Untitled II – shapes and sounds (abridged)

Made in TouchDesigner (TD) and Pure Data (PD).
This audiovisual miniature explores the autonomous interaction between two systems to create their own narrative.

The PD patch analyses, samples, and processes a library of recordings in the hard drive; its output goes into TD which is continuously analyzing different parameters of the audio to determine and modulate aspects of color, sizes, shapes, and movements in order to create a sound and image esthetic synergy.

On a personal note, lately, I’ve been interested in letting objects “be” themselves. Systems that develop their own structure with little to no intervention from humans; at least for now, only setting the starting positions and letting the artifacts “naturally” interact with each other.

Untitled II is a sample of an ever-developing situation. A dialogue between sound and image.

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Fer Feria (1998) studied Music Composition at the Florence Arts Academy and cinematography at the Altra Fílmica Academy. His work explores the relations between sounds, spaces, objects, and people; and expands a wide range of formats and styles, spanning from experimental sound installations to pop albums. His work has been awarded at an international level and has been presented at venues such as the Anahuacalli Museum, the Vasconcelos Library, the Sound+ Festival, the Material Fair of Contemporary Art, among other spaces.
His pieces are concerned with the way we signify sounds, how we use them as building blocks of our identity, and the relationship between art, culture & technology.

Artist Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco. México

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