Fil Corbitt


Soundscapes [audio tracks] On-site June 3rd and online June 11th

Stovepipe Wind Harp Summons the Frogs 
A house fire leaves a pile of rubble. Among the rubble, a stovepipe. Using scraps and nylon string, the stovepipe becomes a wind harp, with which to filter the sound of the smokey air, months later, during the worst wildfire season in recorded history. That year, the heavy winter leaves shelves of snow and ice on the alpine pond, unnamed on the maps. As it recedes, the frogs emerge in spring. Using a binaural microphone and a pair of hiking boots, I am able to record their communications from the edge of the lake, which will months later, be enveloped in the heaviest wildfire smoke in recorded history.

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Fil Corbitt is a non-binary radio maker working in the mountains outside Reno, Nevada. They make a podcast and radio show called The Wind from a handmade desk on the edge of a stand of lodgepole pines. Their work regularly airs on several public radio stations across the US and has been featured on NPR, CBC, Radiophrenia, 99% Invisible, Reveal, The New York Times, and they’ve performed The Wind at Treefort Music Fest and The National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Artist Location: Reno, Nevada

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