Karena Massengill and Peter Wells


On-site Event June 4th

Cacophony Sublime
Using a vibrating/bouncing platform I want to have 3-5 linear steel sculptures bouncing and bumping against each other creating their own chance sounds while serenaded with an electronic looped sound track. They will be brightly projected upon with an LCD projector to create dancing shadows. Sounds will accentuate the visual conversation. I again work with my nephew, (a sound editor/manufacturer) on an electronic, crazy track to accompany the visuals.

The installation uses a building wall upon which to project shadows from the dancing/fighting/conversing metal sculptures. The random additional images created by the outside texture of the wall will only enhance this serendipitous artwork.

My inspiration comes from the work of Marcel Duchamp and John Cage. When I was in under graduate art school in Philadelphia at Tyler School of Art (Temple University), I had the honor of hearing John Cage speak about his life and art and I was profoundly inspired. Even then I knew what an incredible honor it was to be in that audience.

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Karena Massengill has a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture from California State University at Fullerton, a Bachelor of Fine Art from Philadelphia’s Temple University, Tyler School of Art, and a Bachelor of Art Education and Industrial Technology from the University of Toronto in Canada.

Originally from Ukiah, California Karena lived in Toronto Canada for 11 years before returning to Southern California in 1986.

Artist Location: San Pedro, CA

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Peter Wells / Nebulon5000 has been making sound and music for various applications since 2005. After becoming enthralled with audio he/him has been continuing to create music ranging from EDM to soundscapes and classical pieces. Along with uploading music to the internet, Nebulon5000 also streams live production online through Twitch.tv.

Artist Location: Washington State

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