Kate Gorman

Kate Gorman


Earmaginations [silent videos] On-site and online June 4th


Strung across a room corner with a tall window, three large square pieces of organza in cyan, magenta, and yellow are layered in front of each other. The artist walks behind the fabric, then lifts and folds the last layer into a triangle, revealing two new colors before tossing the fabric over the top. On either side of the video image, digital color matching the revealed colors fades in and out. The lifting, folding, and falling actions are repeated for all three colors before the artist walks off screen.

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Kate Gorman is a conceptual artist working with bright colors, metallics, and gridded patterns along with text and audio to make temporary spaces of sensory experience. From fabric to shimmery ink to video to books, she creates systems of language and visual elements that experiment with how we see, how we read, how we hear, and the ways our perceptions are blended, confused, or heightened.

Artist Location: Washington, DC

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