Mystic Elevator

Mystic Elevator


UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]


AHKESPLUM deconstructs and reconstructs Abigail’s improvised gibberish. The text imitates an improvised passage of deconstructed words in one of Abigail’s improvisations. Abigail reinterprets this transcription as quickly as possible to transform the text while Jack adds a slowly enveloping distortion to build the intensity of this poetic outburst.

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Mystic Elevator is an improvisation duo using live vocals (Abigail Whitman, she/her) and electronic loops (Jack Herscowitz, he/him). The two are LA-based and perform in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces throughout the city, adapting their sound to respond to the environment in which they find themselves. Abigail explores new ways of sound production with the voice by using extended techniques such as screaming, word deconstruction, gibberish, and haunting melodic lines. Jack carefully distorts these sounds through live processing in Max/MSP, deconstructing the very core of the voice and isolating minute details of performance.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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