Mystic Elevator

Mystic Elevator


On-site Event June 3rd

We will perform an improvised duet between voice and electronics. 

Mystic Elevator uses improvisation to create a soundscape unique to the performance space by blending raw vocals with live electronic processing. The individual perspective of each performer combines in a conversation-like duet, with each thought growing and expanding as it is passed between the performers. Abigail’s vocal styles range from extended techniques such as screaming, clicking, percussive mouth sounds, ululating, and gibberish, to more melodic lines used to create a sometimes haunting atmosphere. Jack’s electronic processing selects minute details from the vocals to further deconstruct the voice and morph the sounds into something new.

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Mystic Elevator is an improvisation duo using live vocals (Abigail Whitman) and electronic loops (Jack Herscowitz). The two are LA-based and have performed at 2220 Arts and Archives, Beyond Baroque, EDME Festival, and Automata Theater: adapting their sound to respond to the environment in which they find themselves. Abigail explores new ways of sound production with the voice by using extended techniques such as screaming, word deconstruction, gibberish, and haunting melodic lines. Jack carefully distorts these sounds through live processing in Max/MSP, deconstructing the very core of the voice and isolating minute details of performance.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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