Bugg Dahlman Ellison

Steve Ellison, Richard Bugg, and Eric Dahlman


On-site Event June 4th

Spatial Sound Activation
A site adapted multichannel sound system with between 5 and 16 loudspeakers (depending on location) and activate this with a number of sound works including but not limited to pre-recorded, live, and hybrid pieces.

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Steve Ellison has explored spatial audio in music and theater.
Eric Dahlman performs with acoustic and electronically augmented trumpet, voice, and found sounds. They have collaborated on projects including the Wonder Valley Experimental Music Festival, Virginia Tech’s Cubefest and Spatial Music Workshop, and Coaxial.
Richard Bugg has designed and built modular systems for live performance of improvised electronic music, expanding to Modern Dance, independent film and television. His current work includes system design for immersive sound in live theatre and exploration of “Active Listening.”

Artist Locations: Steve Ellison, Los Angeles CA; Richard Bugg, North Hills CA; Eric Dahlman, Norton MA

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