On-site Event June 4th

Right and Left imBalance
The piece consists of two sculptural forms that are abstractions of physical entities which communicate with each other and respond to the viewer. The forms are made of mixed media materials featuring translucent weavings that react to the audio through light and contain sensors that allow them to interact with their interlocutors motion. By standing between the sculptures the viewer experiences the conversation in stereo and becomes the missing link that completes the circuit. We are prototyping some visual effects that respond to the windiness or noisiness of the location which we hope to test out with this installation as well.
The structures will be about 5′ high and about 6′ apart from one another.

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VavNet creates installations combining craft and technology in order to breathe life into spaces. We are interested in creating virtual experiences with real materials to reach all of the senses. We continually push our skills and our practice further with each collaborative installation and through our own practices and research. VavNet weaves a network between the audience and the constructed environment through craft and technology, and ultimately, VavNet’s goal is to create affective experiences that produce an emotional response in the participants beyond that of mere wonder.

Artist Location: Ojai, CA / Almond, NY

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