Ajani Brannum

Ajani Brannum


An hiatus
For the past two years, I’ve explored some of the stories that live in my stomach and diaphragm. As I probe the memories, myths, and metaphors that shape my understanding of my body, I wonder: how do these stories bear witness to trauma and violence? How can I rewrite these stories? How can they help me practice more unruly ways of being alive? What lurks in the gap between the body I know, and the body I am forever emerging into?
I learn so much from my vital organs. True to the descriptor, they are wonderfully alive — and incredibly talkative. Here, in An hiatus, I invite them to conversation. What you hear and see is a transcript of our dialogue.

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Ajani Brannum (they/them) is an artist working between performance, writing, digital media, facilitation, and divination. Guided by a commitment to psycho-spiritual inquiry, Ajani examines the stories that structure our being-in-the-world. Ajani has presented work at REDCAT, Human Resources Los Angeles, Los Angeles Performance Practice, Pieter Performance Space, Highways Performance Space, on tabletops and screens, in classrooms, and when no one is looking.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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