comar muwaren

comar muwaren & Chung Shih Hoh



Performance October 29
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]

Channeled experientially and epigenetically, are muted soundpoems inscribed on tablets of sound batting. 

muwaren chose to mashup and arrange performances of 忆故人 (Remembering an Old Friend) and 秋江夜泊 (On a Boat in Autumn Night by the River) performed by Singaporean composer and guqin master Chung Shih Hoh. 

These renditions were both an appreciation and consolation, by Chung Shih, for his first composition teacher, as the latter was nearing the end of life.

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comar muwaren grew up inside an animal hospital. After long days, in Catholic school, comar returned home to bark in cages and to assist his father in birthing, operating on, and in euthanizing beloved pets. 

Now, a sick puppy themself, comar takes on the ancient-ish role of auto-moirologist (a funereal actor compensated to lament, eulogize and grieve themself).

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