Chad Eby

Chad Eby


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Video presentation Online October 27

Wire Ghost Garden
In the Wireghost Garden is a generative sound piece which arises from a simulation of spring networks, physically modeled resonators, and synthetic tape delays. Once initiated, the system runs autonomously creating an ethereal but somewhat threatening soundscape of uncertain acoustic ecology.

A modified version of this piece was exhibited as part of a geolocated technologically-mediated soundwalk at Studio 300 in October of 2021 at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Chad Eby creates work, by turns stark and whimsical, that explores humanity’s fraught relationship with made objects using sound, light, and digital tools.

He is fascinated by the complex relationships between digital and physical objects and between artists and autonomous art-making systems. He has never had a day so good that it could not be improved by a great cup of coffee.

Artist Location: Lexington, KY

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