Pablo Perez

Pablo Perez


On-site Event June 3rd

Air States II curated by Pablo Perez for the 2023 soundpedro event will showcase experimental artists challenging sound norms across genres like noise, ambient, and modular music. The theme challenges traditional sound-mistake relationships. Expect an atmosphere of exploration and experimentation, immersive visuals and diverse artists. Air States II aims to create a space for sound experimentation and exploration, promising a unique and unforgettable experience. More information on Air States II artist page.


Performance October 29, 2023
at Torrance Art Museum’s Nomad II

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Pablo Perez has been a prolific presence in the Los Angeles experimental underground, having performed numerous times at local arts organization Coaxial, The Getty Museum, Sound Pedro, Handbag Noise Festival, Late Breakfast, Triptronics events at Echo Park’s Little Joy, Noise Engineering Noise Blast, and more. Additionally, he was the first performer at the first Synthplex Synthesizer festival and gear expo, and he helps co-run the free outdoor Modular On The Spot events in Los Angeles, a beloved series combining the communal bond of a picnic setting with performances exclusively utilizing modular synths.

Mike Dobler is a live composer and performer using modular and boutique electronic equipment. The compositions are technique-focused, emphasizing on spontaneous and improvised exploration towards a precarious unknown destination with a few jump scares and comic relief along the way. Whoops, that’s the Jungle Cruise.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA

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