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Using a large array of analog and digital electronic, SynthLab creates a continuous soundscape, ranging from quiet ambiance to harsh experimental noise.

SynthLab Artists:

Faraday Cage
Matt Pogue has been wrangling electricity with his guitar for three decades. Now he does it with other machines as well.
Co-founder of SynthLab

A consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and novatone “musician” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology and off-the-shelf toys and electronics in order to create circuit-bent audioVisual hybrids; causing the designers of the original items to shudder in disbelief.
In addition to circuit-bent video gadgets, univac also constructs audioVisualizations utilizing Apple’s Quartz Composer, a visual programming system, making short experimental films and performing live audio-reactive visuals for his own and others’ live performances.

Putney Swope
Putney Swope (Joseph Silva), is an audio/visual artist who focuses on the absurd. As a child he was a little too fascinated with the sound of a leaky faucets and silverware in a garbage disposal. Putney may or may not have eaten paint chips as a middle school child but it was his obsession with collecting rain water that eventually led to eviction from his home in the suburbs of Alabama. In order to fend off this ravenous addiction he did the only thing he could. He moved to Los Angeles where it never rains.”

Andrew Reitsma has been making art in various media for over twenty years. He holds a BFA in Art Photography from Cal State, Long Beach. He works in design, video and electronic music and is an accomplished photographer. 
He performs as Qrux and is a member of Synthlab.

Rychard Cooper
Composer, synthesist & sound designer.
Teaches composition, electronic music & digital media at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State University, Long Beach.
Co-founder of SynthLab

Skyler King
A well-known live performer in the underground modular synthesizer scene in LA. Skyler is a life-long multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass & keyboards), who fell in love with electronic music at a young age, inspired by his father. Growing up playing with drum machines, synthesizer & effects pedals, the natural progression lead into modular synthesis & has become a main staple in his everyday life.
instagram – @kittyspit

Damon Ramirez
Hailed from Fremont CA, Damon’s interest in music began in 1979. His fascination with early Punk, Post Punk, and Prog Rock inspired Damon to take up the synthesizer. In 1982, at the age of 14, Damon got his first synthesizer, a SCI Pro-1.
From 1988-2013 Damon toured and recorded professionally notably under Island Records with Fungo Mungo, from 1988-1997 and 2010-2013. As well with darkwave indie rock group, Oslo from 2003-2008. Then with Avian Recording artists Looner 2008 to the present. With Looner, Damon does multiple mediums including movie soundtracks, production of other artists, and theater work notably “Fight Club Live”, as well as original music and live performances.
In 2015 Damon started his solo performances as OSC1Nation performing all over California, and becomes a small fixture in the Los Angeles electronic music community, curating electronic music events, giving exposure to veterans and up and coming artists. In 2017 he was one of the handpicked artists to continue to curate, host, and organize Modular On The Spot Los Angeles.

Dub Station Zero
Dub Station Zero (DSZ) is a modular synthesizer dub artist. DSZ is a unique blend of electronic techno and reggae music that begs the mind and body to wander into uncharted sonic realms.
Originally hailing from the Washington DC metro area, Nick Shinton (DSZ) began live dub projects with multi-instrumentalist – Justin Machete Cooney that featured several DC reggae musicians including the Grammy award winning band SOJA .  
Upon relocation to the West Coast, Nick began producing his own original music. He began to explore analogue synthesizers and had a vision of an instrument that he not only could compose but dub live on.  With that vision, nick began the creation of the Dub Station. DSZ delivers an improvisational modular dub live performance that will tickle your ears and expand your mind. 

Cannibalistic Caterpillar
Cannibalistic Caterpillar is a sound and vision project by Justin Scheid and Brian Akenoh. The group utilizes live projections, analog and digital synthesis, guitar pedals, homemade noise boxes, and live sampling to deliver intense and spontaneous improvisatory performances. Though primarily a duet, guest collaborators are not uncommon. The group is based in Long Beach, CA.

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SynthLab is a collective of electronic musicians and visual artists based in Long Beach, CA. We have been producing experimental sound, and multimedia events since 2015.

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