On-site Event June 4th

An evening of electronic and experimental music from SynthLab.
A presentation by several performers in the Battery Theater: Cameron Johnston, Cannibalistic Caterpillar, Faraday Cage, Jesse Nason, Putney Swope – Joseph Silva, Qrux, Rychard Cooper, Tobias Banks and José Solares, and visuals by univac

SynthLab Artists:

Cameron Johnston & Clint Koehler
Cameron Johnston is a composer, producer, and programmer. With a background in classical music playing tuba, he transitioned to creating experiment electronic music during his time in college. Working with modular synths, DAWs, and programming in MAX, Cameron current involves electronics in most of his music.
Currently he is working heavily with Jitter, creating audio-reactive visualizers for virtual events as well as developing synths and instruments in MAX for performance.

Clint Koehler is an electronic artist, sound designer and composer who specializes in a hybrid of electric-acoustic music using hardware synthesizers, drum machines, guitar pedals, tape cassettes, and processed visuals. Clint’s background as a performing percussionist informs his musical decisions in the electronic landscape and creates a unique aesthetic, blending synthesis and acoustic textures.

Cannibalistic Caterpillar
Cannibalistic Caterpillar is a sound and vision project by Justin Scheid and Brian Akenoh. The group utilizes live projections, analog and digital synthesis, guitar pedals, homemade noise boxes, and live sampling to deliver intense and spontaneous improvisatory performances. Though primarily a duet, guest collaborators are not uncommon. The group is based in Long Beach, CA.

Jesse Nason
Jesse Nason is a California native that has been playing keyboards and drums in various bands in the OC/LA area, including Deccatree, AM, Perfect Beings and currently with Mono Sources. Some of his influences for synth based music are Tom Morello, Pink Floyd, Alessandro Cortini, Suzanne Ciani and Brian Eno. He is a collector of sounds and a fan of melody, drones, and noise coordination.

Putney Swope – Joseph Silva
Putney Swope is an audio/visual artist who focuses on the absurd. As a child he was a little too fascinated with the sound of a leaky faucets and silverware in a garbage disposal. Putney may or may not have eaten paint chips as a middle school child but it was his obsession with collecting rain water that eventually led to eviction from his home in the suburbs of Alabama. In order to fend off this ravenous addiction he did the only thing he could. He moved to Los Angeles where it never rains.”

Skyler King
Kitty Spit is a well-known live performer in the underground modular synthesizer scene in LA. Kitty Spit aka Skyler King is a life-long multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, bass & keyboards), who fell in love with electronic music at a young age, inspired by his father. Growing up playing with drum machines, synthesizer & effects pedals, the natural progression led into modular synthesis & has become a main staple in his everyday life. Since then he has now formed his own company specializing in the Serge Modular format and bringing the Paperface Era modules back to the DIY community. You can visit his website at to look at his work more in depth.
instagram: and

Andrew Reitsma has been making art in various media for over twenty years. He holds a BFA in Art Photography from Cal State, Long Beach. He works in design, video and electronic music and is an accomplished photographer. 
He performs as Qrux and is a member of Synthlab.

Rychard Cooper
Composer, synthesist & sound designer.
Teaches composition, electronic music & digital media at the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music, California State University, Long Beach.
Co-founder of SynthLab

Tobias Banks and José Solares
Tobias Banks is an electronic artist who blends hip-hop, vaporwave, ambient, and noise music with a retro-futurist aesthetic. He has contributed music to the off-Broadway show 13 Fruitcakes, and performs regularly with the experimental Laptop ensemble Pile of Wires. 

Jose Fernando Solares is a mexican improviser, saxophonist, composer and sound artist, born in Ensenada, Baja California. Has a BA in Classical Saxophone Performance from the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC). Although his academic formation was in classical music, Jose has developed his musicianship in many other music genres like ska, rock, reggae, jazz, contemporary music, free improvisation, among others. Jose is nowadays studying an MFA in Performance and Literature, with an Emphasis
in Improvisation at Mills College, in Oakland CA.

Visuals by univac
A consummate TechDweeb, visual artist and novatone “musician” univac continuously re-purposes the detritus of trickle-down technology and off-the-shelf toys and electronics in order to create circuit-bent audioVisual hybrids; causing the designers of the original items to shudder in disbelief.
In addition to circuit-bent video gadgets, univac also constructs audioVisualizations utilizing Apple’s Quartz Composer, a visual programming system, making short experimental films and performing live audio-reactive visuals for his own and others’ live performances.

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SynthLab is a collective of electronic musicians and visual artists based in Long Beach, CA. They have been producing multimedia concerts featuring original electronic music and live video art since 2015. They have produced concerts at the Aquarium of the Pacific and various sound and art festivals including SoundPedro 2017, 2018 & 2019, the Long Beach PUMP events and Synthplex 2019.

Artist Location: Long Beach, CA

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