Vav Vavrek

Vav Vavrek


UnƧightly [Sound Poetry]


sublimeControl/subliminalControl started out as two distinct poems created from virtual modular synthesis patches in VCV Rack 2; constructed through sequencing the Surge XT Twist Oscillator, which includes a vocoder type virtual synth with a limited vocabulary. Processing of the poems led to integrating them into each other as an amalgamation; allowing the listeners to devour meaning while the audio devours itself. The growl was initially the word generate, now slowed to sublime rising growl with a rumbling echo, and all that remains from the first poem, Sublime Control. Subliminal Control consists of the words universal filter control alpha echo and the shimmering echoes that they create giving other words, including friend. All the sounds in this piece come from the words, their reverberations, and their temporal deconstructions, offering a meditative opportunity to consider the invisible controls applied to oneself and one’s life.

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Vav Vavrek earned his MFA in Sculpture / 4D from California State University at Long Beach and is currently a PhD student in Media Study with the University at Buffalo where he is applying research into affect theory, crip technoscience, and physical computing to interactive artworks and live & virtual audio-visual performances. His artwork has received press from The Arizona Republic, The Phoenix New Times, the OC Art Blog, ABC News 15, and Arizona Highways TV. He currently lives in Almond, NY and works out of his home studio and his offices in Alfred and Buffalo.

Artist Location: Alfred, NY

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