Byungkyu Lee


On-site event June 1st

Anthesizer IV, ‘Ant’ + ‘Synthesizer,’ transforms ant activity into a dynamic soundscape and LED sequence, offering insight into complex ant communities. Embedded optic sensors trigger captivating light and sound interplays as ants traverse the pathways. Jiwoo Song (BFA1, Fine Art) enhances the installation with solder objects, symbolizing ant colony connectivity and accentuating nature-technology juxtaposition. This blend reinforces themes of interconnectedness and collaboration, providing a unique perspective on ant behavior. Anthesizer IV illuminates the rich social structure of ant colonies, offering a fresh perspective on observing nature.

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Byungkyu Lee is a sound designer, artist, and avid ant enthusiast, known for creating immersive soundscapes series, Anthesizer, that blends art, science, and engineering. Inspired by the striking similarities between ants and humans, Lee explores their world through a unique lens that fuses his scientific inquiry with artistic expression. His thought-provoking works challenge our perception of the world and invite us to reflect on our complex relationship and interconnectivity with nature.

Artist Location: Los Angeles, CA 

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